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Mind, Body, and Spirit

Mind, Body, and Spirit
A novella by Avadonja

Evanesse is a druid dedicated to healing and in touch with the balance of nature. She joins with a party of adventurers to assassinate the sun elf Magistrate Thassian, a cult leader whose parasitic consumption of magic has made him a very real danger. Evanesse is sure that their mission is just and their party strong enough to persevere, but a sense of doom shakes her confidence.

A natural leader and skilled fighter, Malccino is chosen to guide his party through the dangers within the Thassian’s fortress. When a fight goes awry and Evanesse is mind controlled to fight against them, Malcinno breaks protocol to save her life. Her mind ravaged by the corruption of Thassian, Evanesse is no longer in control of the desire pulsing through her body. She needs Malccino to be more than a leader, she needs his touch to find release and return to her senses.

Afterward, Evanesse just wants to forget the intensity of her intimacy with Malccino and finish the mission. Malccino’s world is shaken by his experience with Evanesse. He knows there is more to them than warrior and druid, but she is not willing to trust her heart, that their connection was so much more than physical. He is sure she is his life mate, but she is afraid that accepting him would mean loosing herself.

In order for them to become mated in the way of their people, they will both have to surrender to each other mind, body, and spirit.

14,000 words
72 pages
Category: Fantasy Romance

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Malccino wiped his sword on the tunic of a fallen foe as he walked toward Eva. The column of light shimmered out and her shoulders slumped to her knees.
He crouched beside her, handing her his wine skin. “Drink. You need your strength.”
“Thank you.” She closed her eyes as she took a deep drought. “You fought well.”
Around them, Helfere and Cavask went through the loot of the fallen and piled the bodies out of immediate view.
“We are a good team.”
“Really?” She raised one dark brow. “It seemed to me that Cavask was having some trouble with your authority.”
“Cavask is an ass, but he is a good fighter. There is no requirement that we get along.”
“Just the same, I would rather not serve with him again.”
“You don’t always get a choice.” Malccino whispered leaning nearer. “Eva, I need to know. If you could have chosen, would you have picked me?”
“To lead a mission? Of course. We have always worked well together and… oh!” She stopped with a quick intake of breath. Her eyes flashed, their blue brilliant in the growing darkness. “You meant about… earlier.”
Her tongue darted out, drawing his eyes to her mouth. He lowered his head, his lips just brushing hers. He felt her sigh, her breath mingling with his. Once more, the hint of touch, so gentle. Her mouth softened under his and he deepened the kiss, his tongue coaxing her to open to him. Tentative, trusting. She tasted like wine, her lips warm and soft.
He raised his hand to her face and she jumped, breaking the kiss. Her breath jagged, she shook her head, “Malccino…”
“I wish,” he interrupted before she could tell him this was a mistake, “we had kissed like this before.”
She looked up at him, her eyes misty. “We can’t undo what has happened.”
He nodded then kissed her once more, quick. “I wouldn’t want to.”
“What?” Her eyes flashed blue ice.
“I have never known anything like that. Like you.” He leaned in to kiss her again, but she scooted away. He leaned back on his haunches. “Eva, I felt something. Something more than sex. I need to know what it is.”
“Right now I don’t want to feel anything.” Eva’s words were sharp. Turning her face away, she shifted into cat form.
“This conversation is not over.” He called after her as she stalked away.
She merely lifted her tail, presenting him with a feline dismissal.