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Sunday, October 9, 2011


People react in different ways when I tell them that David Bowie was one of my first true loves. Most of the negative responses are based on his he/she pressence. Well, guess what? I think androgeny can be hot. It's true, and I'm not alone.

So, all you guys out there so worried that if you put effort into physical appearance that people will tihnk you're gay and you're not - go for it. Women dig it (sometimes). And, when you're getting laid, you can tell all your friends that tease you to go fuck themselves.

As for David Bowie, Labyrinth is where it all began for me. I think Nostalgia Chick sums it up best here.

How does this translate in game? Well, I'm 100% more likely to flirt with blood elf than a goblin. And if you take a hot night elf guy toon and transfer him into a gross undead chick, it's a turn off. I'm just sayin'.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm Just One Classy Bitch

Yep. I can't help myself. It was bred into me - or beaten into me. I'm not sure which.

by Pleasure Art Glass, Quebec
I tried to write hardcore sexy erotica in Mind, Body, and Spirit. What do I come up with? Fantasy romance with some steamy stuff. Sigh. I recently read a historical erotic short story. It immediately starts out with the main character reminiscing about girl on girl, then leads to visiting a house party where the host bangs his wife with a glass dildo while everyone watches. I did not respond to the story because I kept waiting for the story to happen. It was all just sex - hot, but I felt no connection.

So, instead of saying I'm too repressed to write that stuff I'll say I'm simply too elegant. What? Why are you laughing? You think an elf being mind controlled into a puddle of sexual need isn't elegant? Yeah, fine. You're right. I mean I think it's pretty steamy, but even so the sexual content goes toward character development. And this next installment, Control, is in the same vein. There are so many options for the sexual content between a lock and mage when you consider minions and mirror image - but it will still be story dominant.

Let's say you were to buy some WoW inspired erotic romance, would you be disappointed by the inclusion of fight scenes and skip to the sexy stuff?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Challenge Accepted

I recently read a blog where pve-ers were mocked for their pathetic attempts at pvp during Children's Week. Challenge accepted you random pvp blogger! My main is now over 3k resil and kicking some bg healing ass. The problem will still be there, though, when Children's week comes around.

Another challenge that has been accepted? Well, I challenged myself to join a rp server and go along with some ERP. I thought it would be easy. I mean I write romance professionally - how hard could it be? Hard. Seriously, I felt like a complete idiot. Not sure if the dude on the other end was a 12 year old (chances are good and creepy) and I absolutely could not take it seriously. It was ridiculous. I thought a little nameless, faceless flirtation would be fun and harmless but instead it was gross and did not go far at all.

Got to say, I'm a little disappointed. Both in myself and in the idea of ERP. I have no trouble at all coming up with sexy scenarios for most races (not into cows, necrophilia, or gnomes) so why can't I let things just happen with my fake hot BE and some random guy's fake, hot, orc? Maybe I'm more repressed than I thought.

And yet another challenge - to write accurate and non-sexual fan fiction for the Blizzard contest. Due to scheduling constraints and craptacular technology issues, I will be handwriting the first draft. It sort of feels nostalgic to be writing like that. Reminds me of all those high school classes I ignored while writing. In fact, I recently wrote a scene including a Blood Elf orgy while in a staff meeting (lucky my handwriting is terrible. My coworkers thought I was taking amazing notes). I have several ideas for my story and only hope I can make it tight but complete in the word count limitations AND that it will stand apart from the rest.

So, there's three challenges in my life. One has been met with a vengeance, one a terrible failure, and the other remains to be seen. Any challenges in your life right now?