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The other me writes general market romance. I play World of Warcraft. This is where I make two parts of my life merge in sensual fantasy romance novellas.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

RL vs the Fantasy

In rl I have a penchant for slim men. I have never dated a man more than 2 inches taller than me, then again I'm fairly tall. I am attracted to beautiful features rather than rugged. I prefer Lokki over Thor.

Of course, the fantasy world is different. I surprised myself as I wrote the first erotic encounter between my druid and warrior. Malcinno, my warrior tank, was more like Chris Hemsworth. As the scene progressed, his strength and proportions became a definite asset. The anime ideal of the small woman and the ginormous man gained a little more clout.  I mean, if both partners were similarly sized some of the things that progressed in my scene (which almost wrote itself - it's certainly not what I had planned, but I'm not complaining) would have been physically impossible.

I'm rl I'm an assertive, modern woman. But in my scene Evanesse just wanted to be taken. Dominated. Yes, it goes against everything in regards to women's equality and I should be ashamed, but there must be some basic mammalian instinct involved because it was just hot.

I look forward to posting samples once I'm done with my editing.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Touch My +52 Dexterity Vest

I love the web show The Guild. If you play WoW and haven't watched it, you are missing something.

Below is their first music video, Do You Wanna Date My Avatar. Enjoy.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Write What You Know

I received a knowing snicker from a guildie when I shared a little of the basis for my current project.

Yes, I am writing about a Night Elf druid. Yes, that happens to be my main. But no, I am not writing about myself. Not really. :)

I am writing about what I know. I know the druid, I have played her for years. I rp a bit, so imagine her motivations, her worries, the duality that exists in her as a healer and a fighter. Adding the romance aspect, I now consider what she thinks as a woman.  This makes her easy to write because I know her spells and sequence.

My next story will probably feature a ne mage or a Dranaei shammy. Why? Same reason.  If I got Dranaei, I'll have to make those tentacles have nerve endings or something.  Hmmmm...

It's harder for me to write the role of the tank. I have never played one. I've had to read up on the warrior and dk and their spects in order to write a reasonable fight.  But as for my main character, I'm writing what I know.

Perhaps I'll be inspired to go more melee or tanking class in order to get to know my characters better. My guild will be surprised.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just Started: Mind and Body

These stories have been floating through my mind for years, but I just now started writing them down. I enjoy writing, it is a big part of my life - but writing this is so much fun. I have no deadlines, no expectations, I just get to write. And, since I already have a created world I don't have to build it as much as I would in a peice of more serious fiction. Plus, since it's fan ficiton, but slightly different for copywrite reasons, I can tweak things just a bit to suit my needs.

Beside the writing being smooth and organic, it is hot. I love getting in the mind of my toon. She's powerful, sensual, and follows the dictates of nature and her body. I have a feeling this first story will become a new addiction.