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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Write What You Know

I received a knowing snicker from a guildie when I shared a little of the basis for my current project.

Yes, I am writing about a Night Elf druid. Yes, that happens to be my main. But no, I am not writing about myself. Not really. :)

I am writing about what I know. I know the druid, I have played her for years. I rp a bit, so imagine her motivations, her worries, the duality that exists in her as a healer and a fighter. Adding the romance aspect, I now consider what she thinks as a woman.  This makes her easy to write because I know her spells and sequence.

My next story will probably feature a ne mage or a Dranaei shammy. Why? Same reason.  If I got Dranaei, I'll have to make those tentacles have nerve endings or something.  Hmmmm...

It's harder for me to write the role of the tank. I have never played one. I've had to read up on the warrior and dk and their spects in order to write a reasonable fight.  But as for my main character, I'm writing what I know.

Perhaps I'll be inspired to go more melee or tanking class in order to get to know my characters better. My guild will be surprised.

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