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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Artistic Endeavors

I've neglected this blog of late. I have finished final edits for Mind, Body, and Spirit and am currently working on a book cover. I've discovered the royalty free graphic images from Ghetty Images. They are awesome. Of course in order to find what I'm looking for, I did a search for 'man woman nude lover' and then had to scroll through many many pages of suggestive and explicit pics. Am I complaining? Not at all. But it did take longer than I had anticipated.

Anyway, I've had some fun with Adobe Photoshop. I've learned a lot about layers and filters and whathaveyou, but everything still looks really amateurish. Personally, the cover does impact my decision to buy a book. Even a $0.99 book. So much home made silly stuff out there. I looked through Amazon's fantasy/paranormal romance section to get an idea about cover art and all the self published stuff just looked so... self published.  I've come up with some decent things but have also enlisted the help of a teenager. Sad really, that I have crossed the line in the sand of technological age.  In most respects my age just makes me a mature woman with a confidence in myself I lacked when I was young enough to easily understand new technology. Le Sigh.

I started awhile back on my second Silk and Stone Novella, Control. Lady Janae is an ambassador for the Allied Kingdoms in the neutral city of the Seraph. She is a very powerful mage, but more known for her diplomatic abilities. Concerned about the upcoming meetings between the Allied Kingdoms and the ambassador for the Sun Elves regarding the question of jurisdiction after the defeat of the High Magistrate, Janae takes an evening for herself. To unwind. To forget who she is for a few hours. Incognito at the Tavern at the End of the World, she meets a powerful sun elf Warlock. He is weary of physical pleasures and more aroused by power, by control. Janae's choice to submit to him, to pretend she's less than she is, only proves to whet her own appetite for dominance.  Between the give and take of power, the draining of mana and the seduction of surrender, the two form a bond that reignites the joy of physical passion.

This story has bdsm flavor without being too outside general market romance. My challenge has been to make the spell casting byplay so sensual in itself that the primal nature of the sexual content is just the icing on the cake. Oh... maybe there should be some icing. Nah. That's another book.

Just for fun, here is a cover I made with the help of Ghetty Images and Adobe Photoshop that I am not going with. Not hot enough.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


People react in different ways when I tell them that David Bowie was one of my first true loves. Most of the negative responses are based on his he/she pressence. Well, guess what? I think androgeny can be hot. It's true, and I'm not alone.

So, all you guys out there so worried that if you put effort into physical appearance that people will tihnk you're gay and you're not - go for it. Women dig it (sometimes). And, when you're getting laid, you can tell all your friends that tease you to go fuck themselves.

As for David Bowie, Labyrinth is where it all began for me. I think Nostalgia Chick sums it up best here.

How does this translate in game? Well, I'm 100% more likely to flirt with blood elf than a goblin. And if you take a hot night elf guy toon and transfer him into a gross undead chick, it's a turn off. I'm just sayin'.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm Just One Classy Bitch

Yep. I can't help myself. It was bred into me - or beaten into me. I'm not sure which.

by Pleasure Art Glass, Quebec
I tried to write hardcore sexy erotica in Mind, Body, and Spirit. What do I come up with? Fantasy romance with some steamy stuff. Sigh. I recently read a historical erotic short story. It immediately starts out with the main character reminiscing about girl on girl, then leads to visiting a house party where the host bangs his wife with a glass dildo while everyone watches. I did not respond to the story because I kept waiting for the story to happen. It was all just sex - hot, but I felt no connection.

So, instead of saying I'm too repressed to write that stuff I'll say I'm simply too elegant. What? Why are you laughing? You think an elf being mind controlled into a puddle of sexual need isn't elegant? Yeah, fine. You're right. I mean I think it's pretty steamy, but even so the sexual content goes toward character development. And this next installment, Control, is in the same vein. There are so many options for the sexual content between a lock and mage when you consider minions and mirror image - but it will still be story dominant.

Let's say you were to buy some WoW inspired erotic romance, would you be disappointed by the inclusion of fight scenes and skip to the sexy stuff?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Challenge Accepted

I recently read a blog where pve-ers were mocked for their pathetic attempts at pvp during Children's Week. Challenge accepted you random pvp blogger! My main is now over 3k resil and kicking some bg healing ass. The problem will still be there, though, when Children's week comes around.

Another challenge that has been accepted? Well, I challenged myself to join a rp server and go along with some ERP. I thought it would be easy. I mean I write romance professionally - how hard could it be? Hard. Seriously, I felt like a complete idiot. Not sure if the dude on the other end was a 12 year old (chances are good and creepy) and I absolutely could not take it seriously. It was ridiculous. I thought a little nameless, faceless flirtation would be fun and harmless but instead it was gross and did not go far at all.

Got to say, I'm a little disappointed. Both in myself and in the idea of ERP. I have no trouble at all coming up with sexy scenarios for most races (not into cows, necrophilia, or gnomes) so why can't I let things just happen with my fake hot BE and some random guy's fake, hot, orc? Maybe I'm more repressed than I thought.

And yet another challenge - to write accurate and non-sexual fan fiction for the Blizzard contest. Due to scheduling constraints and craptacular technology issues, I will be handwriting the first draft. It sort of feels nostalgic to be writing like that. Reminds me of all those high school classes I ignored while writing. In fact, I recently wrote a scene including a Blood Elf orgy while in a staff meeting (lucky my handwriting is terrible. My coworkers thought I was taking amazing notes). I have several ideas for my story and only hope I can make it tight but complete in the word count limitations AND that it will stand apart from the rest.

So, there's three challenges in my life. One has been met with a vengeance, one a terrible failure, and the other remains to be seen. Any challenges in your life right now?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Worst Movies Ever

So I misunderstood the bloghop from Alex J Cavanaugh last time. It was actually a blogfest which I'm figuring out now.
This one is for the worst movies ever. I think I'm on track now. :) Bear with me. Below, in no particular order, are some movies that sucked the life out of me. I decided to stop at 10.
  1. Boxing Helena -- I watched this in high school at a party after it was recommended as something 'really weird.' Yep. The cover implies something sexy. Nope. Although Julian Sands is pretty amazing.
  2. Junior -- Arnold Schwarzenegger has a baby. Need I say more? Emma Thompson probably wakes up screaming still at the memory.
  3. Black Moon -- This was free on demand. I watched almost the whole thing in a daze, not sure if I just was not smart enough to get it or if it was really freaky. I still haven't decided.
  4. Ballistic -- Although I am a fan of all things Antonio Banderas, the only value in this movie was the exploding helicopters.
  5. Ishtar --
  6. Cadyshack -- I know, I know... it's a classic. But it's just really stupid. I don't think it's possible for me to be drunk enough to enjoy it. Besides, Rodney Dangerfield creeps me out.
  7. Jabberwocky -- Though I love most Monty Python endeavors, this just was bad. I love the poem though.
  8. Tank Girl -- I know, I'm a nerd and should appreciate it properly. I don't. I'm sorry if I let you down.
  9. Micheal -- John Travolta as a slovenly arch angel. Need I say more?
  10. Embrace the Vampire -- Alyssa Milano topless, virginal, and extremely horny. this movie could have been good in a soft porn way if the vampire had been a little attractive
Looking forward to seeing the rest of the participant's lists.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How Hot is Too Hot?

I recently made a friend uncomfortable. She's had no trouble reading my other writing (which R rated for sexual content) but Mind, Body, and Spirit was just too much. Another friend downright refused to read it because she didn't want to read it at all.

I was surprised. I've never gotten this reception on my general market romance. And, though this is WoW influenced, ultimately it is fantasy and should not be prohibitive to non-WoW players. And the sex, well, it's more toward erotic than a standard romance, but the sex is still part of the story and emotional arc of the main characters.

Before I was concerned I had not gone far enough to pass into the realm of erotica. After all, mainstream romance no longer stops when the lights go out (no, it just becomes a more sensual experience because sight is not a factor). So I amped things up -- too much apparently. I mean, is it bad that there's an elf orgy going on in one of the rooms they have to pass through? And why would it matter if the main character gets mind controlled, driving her insane with a sexual need that only the tank can assuage? Is that too much?

It is for my alpha readers, which is a shame. Especially considering that it is difficult for me to objectively review and revise these scenes because they are, well, hot.  Let's just hope that when I publish, my readers are also so into the moment that they don't notice the problems that I'm sure exist.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

You Know You Play WoW Too Much When:

  1. You go to excuse yourself from a work meeting and, instead of saying you're heading to the restroom, just say, "bio."
  2. You've never actually met your best friends.
  3. You ditch important, rl obligations (or things that other people would enjoy) because your guild has something scheduled.
  4. Your dreams include broadcasts and/or are in third person view.
  5. Occasionally you think it's a good idea to take those 2-3 steps down with a running jump, flapping your arms out to the sides.
  6. You no longer have even a little bit of a tan line.
  7. Putting on pants has become an inconvenience.
  8. You have the urge to press 'control' when you're speaking on the phone.
  9. You / before you type anything.
  10. You laugh when you see the tip of the day about taking things in moderation.

Feel free to suggest more. :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blogging is a Weird Beast

I'm learning a lot from reading other bloggers. My focus is about writing with the goal to get published. But my side line here is all about WoW. I've been looking at WoW blogs, but they're mostly about how to play the game, versus the social and story aspects of the game. I have learned a lot (sort of sad that I didn't do this sooner to be a better player) but I haven't come across any kindred blog spirits in the process.

I have found some great sources about how to write, how to write romance, erotica, and just plain old funny stuff. I never expected this. I also am surprised at the lack of interest I'm seeing out there for what I have to offer (boy howdy, could I rock your world if you let me). I see through my stats that I'm getting hits, but only have one follower (thank you, btw). I almost followed myself, but that would reek of desperation.

So, if you like what I have to say or are even mildly amused, follow me! I may be entertaining from time to time. And leave me comments even if it is just to call me a freak. :) I can take it.

On other news, The Guild season 5 just posted its first episode. I know what I'm doing next. :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Achievement Whore

That's right. When grinding for gear and rep gets boring (and it does get boring) I like to focus on achievements. I got Loremaster before it got easy, so now there's always the quests of Kalimdor or whatever. I have 2 more rare archeology finds until I've finished that list. I don't know how I'm going to get to 200 recipes (at 198 - missing Thistle tea and Seafood Mag). The guild has about 1800 fish to go (So tired of fishing) and thistle tea can't happen because I'm a druid.

I'm 7th in my guild (level 21 ftw) and I could be 4th easy if I did all the Lich dungeon achs. I just can't solo them because I'm too squishy and no one wants to do them with me. :( I know I just need to try harder to persuade. Shouldn't be too difficult since I'm a girl.

If I start getting serious in pvp I could kick some ach butt, but I really don't like it. Every bg I've been in has been spastic. Seriously, the alliance pvpers do not play well together. It's every man for himself. This makes healing a bitch. I could go boomchicken, but then I'd end up just as egocentric as the rest. PVP and me are not a good mix (the reason why I will never get the Children's Week completed and, thus, the big-bad-What a Long, Strange Trip it's Been). Of course, if I do start prepping now, I might be competent and geared enough to actually pvp with less suckage than usual and get the damn ach. Who knows?  Worth considering.

What do you do when you start to suffer from WoW burn out?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Blizzard Gets All Romantic... Sort Of

I am so bummed Blizzard got the memo before me. They found out that girls play WoW and started developing romantic story lines. I did not feel threatened when Aggra asked Thrall to suck her tusks and he agreed because, hey, they're orcs. Orcs aren't hot (based on my standards of beauty. If you think they're hot, bully for you).

But then there's this whole Leyara story line. And my loading screen today had a WoW romance cover-esque illustration for the short story about Tyrande Whisperwind (which sounds like a name out of Pixie Hollow -- no, that's not fair. I'm just being snarky.). The good news is there's no sexual tension.

Just for fun, I've helped Blizzard along by editing the jpeg to look more appropriate for the romance genre.

BTW, for this cover to work she needs more cleavage.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fantasy Romance

I find myself not as equipped to write erotica as I had previously thought. It's hard for me to add the little extras that bring it up to the next level. I thought that adding the element of fantasy, of magic, would free me a little. Nope.


Because I can't honestly write about penetration of orifices that, in my world, are strictly exits. Though I can imagine kissing another woman, doing much more than kissing is a turn off. And don't get me started on inter-species unions.

When it comes down to it, if I don't find what I'm writing hot, my writing is not going to be hot. And the idea of having sex with a cow man is not hot (to me - I don't judge your interests).

The good news is, I'm finding this project inspiring and sexy. Besides that making me happy, my garcon-de-jour happy, and my readers happy, it bodes well for the possibilities of this project being successful. So, maybe it's not hard core erotica -- who cares?

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Vent and chat give you a mask of anonymity. There are no lasting repercussions to what you say and do. That woman who sounds hot lives hundreds of miles away. You are safe to be your honest self. Free to say whatever without fear or real rejection (you can always transfer servers, right?). Playing the gentleman is for rl.

Not entirely.

As a woman, there is also a feeling of security in WoW that does not exist in rl. No expectations or obligations, just the potential to have a really great time. That faceless voice could belong to anyone, and the potential for fantasy is thick. Unfortunately men (boys) blow it by being idiots.

Women want the seduction, the romance. They want to feel beautiful and alive; they don't want to hear about chili dogs or rusty trombones (look them up, I'm not even going to link them for you). It's just not sexy.  If you are a male interested in online flirtation, the best thing you can do is make a woman feel desirable. Subtlety is in order. Suggestions of soft caresses, simple things like wishing you could feel the texture of her hair, can make her breath catch. What would her skin feel like if you were to brush your lips along her neck? Would your hand feel hot against her back? Little things. Let her imagine. And, just for the record, asking a woman (out of nowhere) what makes her pussy wet is NOT seductive. RL is full of assholes, don't be one online (in this regard -- in a raid, fine).

Who knows? Being a bit more gentlemanly online may help you develop more finesse in rl.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

RL vs the Fantasy

In rl I have a penchant for slim men. I have never dated a man more than 2 inches taller than me, then again I'm fairly tall. I am attracted to beautiful features rather than rugged. I prefer Lokki over Thor.

Of course, the fantasy world is different. I surprised myself as I wrote the first erotic encounter between my druid and warrior. Malcinno, my warrior tank, was more like Chris Hemsworth. As the scene progressed, his strength and proportions became a definite asset. The anime ideal of the small woman and the ginormous man gained a little more clout.  I mean, if both partners were similarly sized some of the things that progressed in my scene (which almost wrote itself - it's certainly not what I had planned, but I'm not complaining) would have been physically impossible.

I'm rl I'm an assertive, modern woman. But in my scene Evanesse just wanted to be taken. Dominated. Yes, it goes against everything in regards to women's equality and I should be ashamed, but there must be some basic mammalian instinct involved because it was just hot.

I look forward to posting samples once I'm done with my editing.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Touch My +52 Dexterity Vest

I love the web show The Guild. If you play WoW and haven't watched it, you are missing something.

Below is their first music video, Do You Wanna Date My Avatar. Enjoy.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Write What You Know

I received a knowing snicker from a guildie when I shared a little of the basis for my current project.

Yes, I am writing about a Night Elf druid. Yes, that happens to be my main. But no, I am not writing about myself. Not really. :)

I am writing about what I know. I know the druid, I have played her for years. I rp a bit, so imagine her motivations, her worries, the duality that exists in her as a healer and a fighter. Adding the romance aspect, I now consider what she thinks as a woman.  This makes her easy to write because I know her spells and sequence.

My next story will probably feature a ne mage or a Dranaei shammy. Why? Same reason.  If I got Dranaei, I'll have to make those tentacles have nerve endings or something.  Hmmmm...

It's harder for me to write the role of the tank. I have never played one. I've had to read up on the warrior and dk and their spects in order to write a reasonable fight.  But as for my main character, I'm writing what I know.

Perhaps I'll be inspired to go more melee or tanking class in order to get to know my characters better. My guild will be surprised.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just Started: Mind and Body

These stories have been floating through my mind for years, but I just now started writing them down. I enjoy writing, it is a big part of my life - but writing this is so much fun. I have no deadlines, no expectations, I just get to write. And, since I already have a created world I don't have to build it as much as I would in a peice of more serious fiction. Plus, since it's fan ficiton, but slightly different for copywrite reasons, I can tweak things just a bit to suit my needs.

Beside the writing being smooth and organic, it is hot. I love getting in the mind of my toon. She's powerful, sensual, and follows the dictates of nature and her body. I have a feeling this first story will become a new addiction.