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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm Just One Classy Bitch

Yep. I can't help myself. It was bred into me - or beaten into me. I'm not sure which.

by Pleasure Art Glass, Quebec
I tried to write hardcore sexy erotica in Mind, Body, and Spirit. What do I come up with? Fantasy romance with some steamy stuff. Sigh. I recently read a historical erotic short story. It immediately starts out with the main character reminiscing about girl on girl, then leads to visiting a house party where the host bangs his wife with a glass dildo while everyone watches. I did not respond to the story because I kept waiting for the story to happen. It was all just sex - hot, but I felt no connection.

So, instead of saying I'm too repressed to write that stuff I'll say I'm simply too elegant. What? Why are you laughing? You think an elf being mind controlled into a puddle of sexual need isn't elegant? Yeah, fine. You're right. I mean I think it's pretty steamy, but even so the sexual content goes toward character development. And this next installment, Control, is in the same vein. There are so many options for the sexual content between a lock and mage when you consider minions and mirror image - but it will still be story dominant.

Let's say you were to buy some WoW inspired erotic romance, would you be disappointed by the inclusion of fight scenes and skip to the sexy stuff?

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