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Sunday, October 9, 2011


People react in different ways when I tell them that David Bowie was one of my first true loves. Most of the negative responses are based on his he/she pressence. Well, guess what? I think androgeny can be hot. It's true, and I'm not alone.

So, all you guys out there so worried that if you put effort into physical appearance that people will tihnk you're gay and you're not - go for it. Women dig it (sometimes). And, when you're getting laid, you can tell all your friends that tease you to go fuck themselves.

As for David Bowie, Labyrinth is where it all began for me. I think Nostalgia Chick sums it up best here.

How does this translate in game? Well, I'm 100% more likely to flirt with blood elf than a goblin. And if you take a hot night elf guy toon and transfer him into a gross undead chick, it's a turn off. I'm just sayin'.

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