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Thursday, August 25, 2011

You Know You Play WoW Too Much When:

  1. You go to excuse yourself from a work meeting and, instead of saying you're heading to the restroom, just say, "bio."
  2. You've never actually met your best friends.
  3. You ditch important, rl obligations (or things that other people would enjoy) because your guild has something scheduled.
  4. Your dreams include broadcasts and/or are in third person view.
  5. Occasionally you think it's a good idea to take those 2-3 steps down with a running jump, flapping your arms out to the sides.
  6. You no longer have even a little bit of a tan line.
  7. Putting on pants has become an inconvenience.
  8. You have the urge to press 'control' when you're speaking on the phone.
  9. You / before you type anything.
  10. You laugh when you see the tip of the day about taking things in moderation.

Feel free to suggest more. :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blogging is a Weird Beast

I'm learning a lot from reading other bloggers. My focus is about writing with the goal to get published. But my side line here is all about WoW. I've been looking at WoW blogs, but they're mostly about how to play the game, versus the social and story aspects of the game. I have learned a lot (sort of sad that I didn't do this sooner to be a better player) but I haven't come across any kindred blog spirits in the process.

I have found some great sources about how to write, how to write romance, erotica, and just plain old funny stuff. I never expected this. I also am surprised at the lack of interest I'm seeing out there for what I have to offer (boy howdy, could I rock your world if you let me). I see through my stats that I'm getting hits, but only have one follower (thank you, btw). I almost followed myself, but that would reek of desperation.

So, if you like what I have to say or are even mildly amused, follow me! I may be entertaining from time to time. And leave me comments even if it is just to call me a freak. :) I can take it.

On other news, The Guild season 5 just posted its first episode. I know what I'm doing next. :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Achievement Whore

That's right. When grinding for gear and rep gets boring (and it does get boring) I like to focus on achievements. I got Loremaster before it got easy, so now there's always the quests of Kalimdor or whatever. I have 2 more rare archeology finds until I've finished that list. I don't know how I'm going to get to 200 recipes (at 198 - missing Thistle tea and Seafood Mag). The guild has about 1800 fish to go (So tired of fishing) and thistle tea can't happen because I'm a druid.

I'm 7th in my guild (level 21 ftw) and I could be 4th easy if I did all the Lich dungeon achs. I just can't solo them because I'm too squishy and no one wants to do them with me. :( I know I just need to try harder to persuade. Shouldn't be too difficult since I'm a girl.

If I start getting serious in pvp I could kick some ach butt, but I really don't like it. Every bg I've been in has been spastic. Seriously, the alliance pvpers do not play well together. It's every man for himself. This makes healing a bitch. I could go boomchicken, but then I'd end up just as egocentric as the rest. PVP and me are not a good mix (the reason why I will never get the Children's Week completed and, thus, the big-bad-What a Long, Strange Trip it's Been). Of course, if I do start prepping now, I might be competent and geared enough to actually pvp with less suckage than usual and get the damn ach. Who knows?  Worth considering.

What do you do when you start to suffer from WoW burn out?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Blizzard Gets All Romantic... Sort Of

I am so bummed Blizzard got the memo before me. They found out that girls play WoW and started developing romantic story lines. I did not feel threatened when Aggra asked Thrall to suck her tusks and he agreed because, hey, they're orcs. Orcs aren't hot (based on my standards of beauty. If you think they're hot, bully for you).

But then there's this whole Leyara story line. And my loading screen today had a WoW romance cover-esque illustration for the short story about Tyrande Whisperwind (which sounds like a name out of Pixie Hollow -- no, that's not fair. I'm just being snarky.). The good news is there's no sexual tension.

Just for fun, I've helped Blizzard along by editing the jpeg to look more appropriate for the romance genre.

BTW, for this cover to work she needs more cleavage.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fantasy Romance

I find myself not as equipped to write erotica as I had previously thought. It's hard for me to add the little extras that bring it up to the next level. I thought that adding the element of fantasy, of magic, would free me a little. Nope.


Because I can't honestly write about penetration of orifices that, in my world, are strictly exits. Though I can imagine kissing another woman, doing much more than kissing is a turn off. And don't get me started on inter-species unions.

When it comes down to it, if I don't find what I'm writing hot, my writing is not going to be hot. And the idea of having sex with a cow man is not hot (to me - I don't judge your interests).

The good news is, I'm finding this project inspiring and sexy. Besides that making me happy, my garcon-de-jour happy, and my readers happy, it bodes well for the possibilities of this project being successful. So, maybe it's not hard core erotica -- who cares?

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Vent and chat give you a mask of anonymity. There are no lasting repercussions to what you say and do. That woman who sounds hot lives hundreds of miles away. You are safe to be your honest self. Free to say whatever without fear or real rejection (you can always transfer servers, right?). Playing the gentleman is for rl.

Not entirely.

As a woman, there is also a feeling of security in WoW that does not exist in rl. No expectations or obligations, just the potential to have a really great time. That faceless voice could belong to anyone, and the potential for fantasy is thick. Unfortunately men (boys) blow it by being idiots.

Women want the seduction, the romance. They want to feel beautiful and alive; they don't want to hear about chili dogs or rusty trombones (look them up, I'm not even going to link them for you). It's just not sexy.  If you are a male interested in online flirtation, the best thing you can do is make a woman feel desirable. Subtlety is in order. Suggestions of soft caresses, simple things like wishing you could feel the texture of her hair, can make her breath catch. What would her skin feel like if you were to brush your lips along her neck? Would your hand feel hot against her back? Little things. Let her imagine. And, just for the record, asking a woman (out of nowhere) what makes her pussy wet is NOT seductive. RL is full of assholes, don't be one online (in this regard -- in a raid, fine).

Who knows? Being a bit more gentlemanly online may help you develop more finesse in rl.