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Monday, August 8, 2011

Fantasy Romance

I find myself not as equipped to write erotica as I had previously thought. It's hard for me to add the little extras that bring it up to the next level. I thought that adding the element of fantasy, of magic, would free me a little. Nope.


Because I can't honestly write about penetration of orifices that, in my world, are strictly exits. Though I can imagine kissing another woman, doing much more than kissing is a turn off. And don't get me started on inter-species unions.

When it comes down to it, if I don't find what I'm writing hot, my writing is not going to be hot. And the idea of having sex with a cow man is not hot (to me - I don't judge your interests).

The good news is, I'm finding this project inspiring and sexy. Besides that making me happy, my garcon-de-jour happy, and my readers happy, it bodes well for the possibilities of this project being successful. So, maybe it's not hard core erotica -- who cares?

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