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Friday, January 27, 2012

Things NOT to do While Trying to Raid

I haven't done a World of Warcraft related post for a while. I've been to caught up in getting Mind, Body, and Spirit out there and getting my next project ready.

I have recently been leveling my horde belf hunter. Too much in-guild drama for my regular alliance toons, so I'm taking a break on that front. By the time I play them again, I'm sure my gear will be obsolete (it probably already is, at least on my shammy).

Anyhoo, I was playing a bit ago and some Real ID friends asked if I wanted to join them in the raid finder. Besides feeling all warm and fuzzy for being included, I realized there was no good way to be in a raid while making tacos (what I was doing during flight paths between elders -- they were delicious, btw).

Hence, the inspiration for this blog. The following things are all from personal experience.

Things NOT to do while trying to raid:
  1. Eat a carne asada burrito.
  2. Color your hair. You have a specific time frame before you have to wash out the chemical solution and your party may not appreciate you needing to take a shower break mid boss.
  3. Get a back massage. Distracting.
  4. Watch Blue Mountain State. SERIOUSLY distracting. Also not a good idea to have a full bladder whilst watching this show.
  5. Smoke a cigar. Even a girly cigar. I can't heal and smoke at the same time. And I hate having to relight the damn thing for every puff.
  6. Be drunk. I used to think this made raiding more fun. It does -- for me. The rest of the party get really annoyed. Not-drunk me is a much better healer/dps, though not nearly as entertaining on Vent.
  7. Have a meaningful conversation with a sensitive family member. They will sense you are distracted and feel insulted. Worse, you may shout something like, "Die, ass hat!" into the phone. Not good. Sorry Mom.
  8. Write. Do not try to write. I have had Word open and alt/tabbed between screens thinking to multi-task. It is a fail on both ends. Not worth it.
Hmmmm... That's only eight. Any list worth taking seriously needs to have 10. What am I missing?

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Erin Kane Spock said...

Give a child a bath. They're sorta needy and don't care if you're in a boss fight.