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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I've been frustrated with the way my guild crashed and died. That, coupled with my lack of time in general, has meant less WoW time. I don't even know my main's hot keys any more. My other 85's are too undergeared to run the new content. Ach whore that I am, my ineptitude shouldn't be a reason not to play. I mean, I can still do stupid things like fish, right?

Dark Moon fair was my only glimmer of hope, but any pay off from that is way off. As a result, I'm bummed about WoW. And, on top of it, I suck. Even sober. Maybe if I got my drink on, I'd remember all the content that I blurred through in a happy buzz. Or not. Today I ran a low level raid w/a friend and just was a spas. Seriously. And, besides dying, I couldn't find my way back to the instance. Repeatedly.

This inspired the blog title, sucktastic. I think that sums up my playing ability. Screw the new raids, I can't even do lowbie ones. How do I fix this? Start to care again? Join my friends on Star Wars instead? No -- I'm jumping back into dailies to relearn my toons. The good news? I'll get a lot of leather out of it.

Sad, really. I'm much better at writing about WoW than playing it.

How's your day?


Erin Kane Spock said...

I haven't played for awhile. Maybe I should. Or maybe I should finish my ms. I vote for ms. Once I'm done, I'll reward myself with some of the new content.

T.D. McFrost said...

I haven't played WOW since WOTLK. I remember loving my elemental Shaman until I realized I was spending too much time in game and not out of it. I can't juggle both (kudos to you who can), so I decided to leave WOW.

I play other games now: Allods Online, Mythos Online...but not half as devoted as I was to WOW.

I don't think you suck, you just need time to remember the feel of the game.

It's nice to meet you Ava and I hope to chat with you real soon.

Avadonja said...

SO you have a picture of the Lich King for your banner and don't play wow? I'm so confused. Plus, you're the Frost Lord...
Okay, I'll let it go. :)
Thanks for finding me.