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Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'm a Pretty, Pretty Panda

So I took the bait and cleared room on my hard drive to install the beta of Mists of Pandaria. I even, against my better judgement, made myself a panda monk. Why? Because I'm an idiot.

SO MANY PANDAS! Seriously, my computer couldn't take it -- and that was with the graphics on low. I froze and reboot twice. I did get my hand-wraps equipped, but never was able to make it to a training target. Because I care enough, I'll try again on Monday morning when American kids are at school. Of course, the German and Russian kids are in a different time zone, so I'm probably equally screwed but with less English. 

Die frau macht der fussball.  Yep, I remember my 7th grade German enough to be annoying.

Anyhow, my panda. She's cute. People with furry fetishes are going to be all over panda chicks. I assumed she'd be about as sexy as a Tauren, but she's much better -- more on the same level as when Bugs Bunny was in drag.

I have a friend and fellow blogger who plays WoW. She has had a couple kids and struggled with her weight. She enjoys being hot in game. Pandas are not hot unless you have really diverse tastes.

As for me, I'm hot in rl so I don't need my avatar to help me fantasize. In fact, I look just like my blood elf (I'd say a ne, but I don't have the Popeye arms and man hands). That being the case, I wonder why I don't have any dwarf, tauren, or undead toons?

No Photoshop used in this image. None. Zip.
And, just for fun, here's a very pixelated Snickers commercial from a few year back that pops to mind whenever I think of pandas. Enjoy.


Will English said...

*looks at the pic of you with the blood elf* Nope,not photoshoped at all lol. And now I am wishing my computer wasn't old and crapy. Well the good news is that pandas are cute and can kick ass (if you use Kung fu Panda logic), so if the admires become to much you can always get more experience points at their expense lol.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

My poor computer freezes on game graphics so no games for me. Which is good because I would look rather odd as a panda! LOL. Thanks for visiting my blog, today, Roland

Cymre said...

I find the female animations really annoying. I don't mind the way they run but they tilt their heads and sway too much for my liking.